Install Sit Kit Plugin

How to set up a Google Webmaster account for your WordPress website in a few minutes?

Google is offering a free WP plugin called Site Kit which helps us to set up the Google Search Console and Google Analytics account for your website with simple steps, just required a Gmail account. Site Kit can connect your WordPress site to your AdSense account and place the AdSense code on all your pages for you. It will do so for non-AMP and AMP versions of your site. The following are step-by-step: Login into your WordPress admin account Add plugin -> Search Plugin “Site Kit” Install and activate plugin Go to Search Console and Google Analytics sections get connect […]


How to Make a Custom WordPress Theme in a few Minutes

In this step-by-step WordPress tutorial, we show you how to use the GeneratePress theme & Elementor plugin to create a beautiful custom WordPress theme using custom designed in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Why do we need a custom WordPress theme? There have been many times in which I have gotten disappointed with promising premium themes that proved to be incredibly slow. This was money that had been wasted because there was no chance I would stay with any multipurpose theme that promised the world, but ended up with pages that took 4-5 seconds to load. A disaster in terms […]

Coderobotics Technical SEO

Technical SEO: Why It’s Becoming More Important Than Any Other SEO Tactic

Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase. With technical SEO, you can help search engines access, crawl, interpret and index your website without any problems.The main goal of technical SEO is to optimize the infrastructure of a website. Coderobotics is a master in technical SEO to fix or optimize your website for site indexing, page crawling for search engines according to your website without any problems. Drive organic growth and maximize the search traffic potential for each piece of content Providing a strong technical foundation for your website An intuitive and […]

white label website development

White Label Web Design, Development, and SEO Services for Digital Agencies

We provide white label web design, development, and SEO services for digital agencies, small businesses, and enterprises. Coderobotics offers white Label WordPress based website design services for digital agencies, small business owners. We develop WordPress based websites, e-commerce, and blogs. If you want your business to grow online, right? Sure, you want to generate a huge profit through your website. But just having a website is not going to help you to do so. You need to have a well-designed and profit generating website. Your website is marketing for your business 24 hours, nonstop; without taking a break, so it […]