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Track, Manage and Record students and their activities

Students carry a small card that contains passive RFID technology that logs each student’s entry or exit automatically when the student passes the scanner located on the school area or near bus.

Coderobotics provides a custom GPS Tracking Solution designed for educational institutions. The solution is primarily focused at enhancing the student safety as well as the accountability of the travel operations with student management. More than just remotely tracking the fleet, the solution is designed to track every student, using RFID integration. This solution enables the school / college authorities to manage their transport operations more efficient, at the same time provide better peace of mind for the parents.

For School Authorities

  1. Live School Bus / van tracking on standard map
  2. Live travel status students availing the school transport facilities.
  3. Helps to plan and optimize the routes and thereby control the associated costs
    Over speed alerts
  4. Geo-fence preferred/restricted areas – to make sure the vehicle is off / in the selected Geographical limits
  5. Detailed student travel log which helps to explore historical data
  6. MIS reports which helps to monitor and enhance the transport operations


For Parents

  1. Parents can receive student tracking information by cell phone and computer browser
  2. Peace of mind to parents by providing updated travel status of their child
  3. Parent will get a SMS alerts to parents to notify the arrival of School Bus / van at the pickup/drop point
  4. Ping to locate using mobile phone to get the updated travel status of a bus / student
  5. SMS alerts to parents to notify them of the school bus/van reaching the school
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