Magento Based Employee Tracking

We all know tracking and keeping an eye on some one is so difficult.

And it becomes more difficult , if Your Employees are in Field. How do you know that your Sales people are doing a good job and they are on their regular visits to clients?.

We had developed an application using Magento CMS which will helps you to track and manage employee and Sales Field. Its helps you to Monitor real-time movement on map for location based task assignment. Paperless location linked online order management. You can Upload geo-tagged images as proof of merchandising and servicing. Automatically captures entry time along with duration of meeting. Settle Conveyance bills with ease by tracking distance travelled. It is Tracking application custom-built around your business.

Solution Capabilities / Features

  • Tracks the workforce personnel in real-time.
  • Scalable tracking engine that can support up to 10 thousand workforce.
  • workforce can be seen on MAP in real time and historical information on map is also available.
  • Speed and direction of all the workforce is available at a point in time.
  • Workforce are shown on-route and off-route at a point in time.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be made available to managers for better decision making.
  • Routing capability. Points of interest capability.
  • Fully Connected with Sales Force Automation Software & any other third Party Software.
  • Auto Distance Calculation ,i.e Fully Automization of Expense Process on Basis of Actual Distance covered by Employees.


  • After having some doubts about honesty, this really helped set the record straight and confirmed our suspicions.
  • Helps in better utilization and management of assets/workforce.
  • Reducing operating costs in long term.
  • Helps in ensuring the discipline and punctuality.
  • Preventing the corruption in field.
  • Actual Travel distance can be calculated & Companies can save on expenses.
  • In the family, parents can track children with Mobile GPS tracking.

Here our GPS Products which will helps you to track anything, any where.

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