• 2018 ERP on Cloud
    We have launched Cloud based ERP called InvyBooks - Clone of QuickBooks and Automan ERP on Cloud in Asp.Net MVC5, C#.Net.
  • 2017 Enterprise ERPs
    We have launched following Enterprise Express ERPs for Accounting Hospital, School, College, Library, Medical shops, Warehouse, Inventory and etc.
  • 2016 Marketplace
    We have launched world's only marketplace for readymade software source code called www.phpscriptsonline.com and www.aspscriptsonline.com and readymade Website, Themes, Plugins called www.wpscriptsonline.com.
  • 2015 Automan, Restaurant365
    Automan is a business ERP software solutions for every company looking for more value and more features from their ERP solutions.

    Restaurant365 is a cloud based Restaurant Management system to manage multiple outlets of restaurants.

  • 2014 Enterprise Applications
    Launched Enterprise level SaaS products SimplifyCampus, SimplifyHRM and SimplifyAccounting. All are 50+ customers winning products.
  • 2013 Vehicle Tracking System
    Developed TrackerBox is a GPS “Vehicle-Asset Tracking” Software. This is a world class software and has all the functionality and work with any kind GPS device including Mobiles, Personal Trackers etc.
  • 2012 Business Apps
    Launched Automan – a complete desktop based ERP for small business, Retail POS, Logistics solutions, web based CRM, Smart Institute & Exam management app and etc.
  • 2011 CloudApptha
    CloudApptha is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) vision to simplifying business apps development. Build business applications using visual model driven development both On-Premise and on the Cloud in 5GL environment.
  • 2010 Bootstrapped
    Coderobotics was born with 2 people onboard and started developing dynamic websites, e-commerce stores & small apps for small businesses.
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