PHP based School ERP

PHP based School ERP

School ERP is an advanced student Information System. It incorporates best practices and result-oriented methods followed in various departments of school/education institution, thereby enabling quantum improvements in productivity levels of school and student. School ERP improve the quality and effectiveness of education and institution, by empowering students, parents and educators with real-time information, relevant assessment tools and access to educational resources online. The several benefits that inevitably accrue from implementation of School ERP will lead to a perceptible improvement in organizational work-culture.

The solution is suitable for all range of education organizations. School ERP is complete web-based System for Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students. School ERP is Multi user, Multi branch Centralized Education Administrative & Management Software. School ERP enables schools and their branches to record, access report and manage their student & employee data and performance records in real-time.School ERP is Effective, Efficient, Integrated and Comprehensive Management Solution for any Educational Institutes like school, college, institutes & universities. School ERP is less expensive and very effective communicative tool for entire Education community in real time. Total cost of ownership is drastically reduces because you need less hardware and eliminate many maintenance tasks associated with legacy-based systems.

School ERP has following key modules:

  • Super Admin (Control multiple branches)
  • Admin (Admin for a branch)
  • Students Management
  • Employees Management (Including teachers)
  • Settings
  • Subjects Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Assignments Management
  • Performance Management (Report Cards)
  • Discipline
  • Fee Management
  • Examinations
  • Question Bank
  • Payroll Management
  • Library Management
  • Health Management
  • Inventory
  • Transport Management
  • ID card Generation Management
  • Reports
  • Administrative Tasks

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