PHP based Inventory Management with POS

InvyGist is an Inventory Management with POS System. You can easily manage your product, supplier, sales, and customer, purchase order, business campaign etc. It also calculates your business profit or loss. InvyGist is easy to install, User friendly responsive design, Mobile compatibility.

InvyGist has following core features:

  • Attractive Dashboard: In Dashboard you can see Yearly sales report with graph chart, Total revenue, cost, tax details, Latest order details, new added Product.
  • Purchase Manager: Add supplier, Manage all supplier, Purchase product from supplier, Invoice generate, Supplier history with purchase record.
  • Customer Management: Add customer, Manage customer, Customer discount, Email campaign for customer, Send invoice to customer by email.
  • Product Management: Add product with general, special offer, tier price rate, Manage inventory, Product Barcode generate and print, Damage product.
  • Order Management: Barcode scanner, Customer Discount, Tax, Order Note. Three types of payment method Cash, cheque, card payment.
  • Report Generate: Sales report generate, it will show e.g. Revenue, Cost, Tax, Purchase report generate, purchase history with supplier.
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