Advanced School Management

PHP based Advanced School Management System

Advanced School Management system is managed for all types of educational institutions like schools and colleges. This system’s view is responsive, so people can use this software from mobile phones. Admin users can able to manage and control full school. Teachers can manage students & take attendance, markesheet etc. Parents can login and get child all academic updates communication & administration. Accountant control all kind of works in accounts section. Librarian creates new library members, issues & return books.

Advanced School Management has following key features:

  • Advanced student promotion module
  • Section wise class routine with print option
  • Multiuse access ability
  • Users 100+ roles based access management
  • Update students details with marksheet
  • Event management calendar
  • Update accounting options such as transaction and pay salary
  • Two types messaging options (Internal Messaging & Bulk SMS)
  • Added full store management system
  • Section-wise marks management
  • Section-wise attendance management
  • Academic session-wise data management
  • Add library member creation and book issue and return
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