Enterprise CRM for Sharemarket Business

If your company is involved with the Share Market Advisory Business then we have an Enterprise Class mobile responsive based solution called CapCRM that takes care of the Management of the Entire day to day Business Management Activities of your Advisory Business. We believe our software can stream line your Business Process, resulting in more Trial Generation by your Business Analysts and thus paving way for more revenue generation. Whether you have five callers or Hundreds of callers CapCRM can take care of your needs. This is a truly scalable Enterprise class software solution.

CapCRM solution can help you to manage your Share Marker Advisory Business efficiently and in a cost effective manner. CapCRM is a leading CRM for Share Market Advisory Business manage with following four roles with responsibilities such as Admin, Employee, HR and Research.

Sharemarket CapCRM has following key features:

  • Admin: Admin has all right related to CapCRM by which he/she can add data by excel which can be allocated to employees and manage employee details. Most important feature in admin is that admin user can restrict access to a timeframe so that any unauthorized access on company database can be prevented.
  • Employee: Employee can get data and target details from admin. They calls on numbers and try to generate leads and they record lead details in the CRM.
  • HR: HR manages employee’s details, attendance which is automatically calculated through employee’s login time on CapCRM.
  • Research: Research is an important wing of share market which they share with employees that which share is going to rise or fall. These tips are used to convince the clients by lead employees.

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