Crowd funding Script

PHP based Crowdfunding Script

Crowd funding script is a crowd funding platform that allows people to raise money for events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses. It is a script for fundraising for various causes, the administrator can add volunteers who can create unlimited campaigns, this script is finished create a community where different people to help those in need either your community or different places. Our Crowd funding script is written in PHP with MySQL with mobile responsive design.

Crowd funding script helps to creating your fundraising or crowd funding website, invite fundraisers, donors and backers from the crowd to help fund member’s project(s). It‘s a platform where people from around the world can post projects to raise funds from crowds of investors. This is a Kick starter Clone is an advanced and innovative fundraising / crowd funding platform that lets fundraisers raise funds from the crowd, also known as a crowd funding website, or crowd funding platform. Kickstarter Clone script guarantees the fundraiser can keep all of the money raised, even if you don’t reach your goal. It’s up to you what kind of fundraising model you want for your project or website.

Crowd funding script has following key features:

  • Built with Laravel 5.3
  • Bootstrap
  • Send mail to Organizer
  • Members can create unlimited campaigns
  • Updates campaigns
  • Option Delete Account
  • Members can change their name, email and password
  • Members manage their campaigns and see donations
  • Upload Avatar
  • Change password
  • Integration with Paypal
  • SMTP Support
  • Share social
  • Multiple currencies
  • Easy translation
  • Ajax pagination in Campaigns, Donations and Updates
  • Template AdminLTE
  • Change the site name
  • Change the site title welcome
  • Statistics
  • Set keywords for the site. (SEO)
  • Add a description (SEO)
  • Create/Edit pages e.g.: Help, Privacy, etc.
  • Payments Settings
  • See Donations
  • Set up social accounts
  • Manage members
  • Add / Edit members
  • Manage campaigns
  • Add / Edit Campaigns
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