Multi Store POS

Multi Store Point Of Sale

Multi Stores Point of sale is a powerful store management system which gives your ability to create unlimited stores and every store have its own products, clients, vendors, rates, warehouses, reports, payments, receiving, returns and much more. With this Point Of Sale, you can easily manage all your inventory credits, sales and products alerts. You can give users limited access to limited modules and a user which is not admin can only see and manage the module they have access for still only admin can use delete and edit feature on all modules however other users have access but they can view, and add not edit and delete for the modules they have access for.

First, you need to go to stores and create a new store for yourself, name address, currency, phone etc. would be visible on reports and invoices so set things correctly. No worries you can edit it later as well. Note: If you delete a store everything related to that store would be deleted and cannot be undo. Like products, sales, purchases, warehouses, rates, vendors, clients everything. New point of sale module make it easy to sell things. You can use barcode reader and it will bring product information, you can even type first two letters of product name it will still bring its name, you can filter products by category and then click on their image it will add them into invoice.

Multi Store POS has following core modules:

  • Manage Multiple store
  • Currency
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Vendors
  • Clients
  • Products
  • Warehouses
  • Returns
  • Expenses
  • Financials
  • HR
  • Point of Sale (POS)
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