Manufacturing Express

Asp.Net based Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing Express provides you a flexible, easy to use, and robust solution which enables you track and control your manufacturing process and improve the production efficiency. Manufacturing Express is an Enterprise Resource Planning software any manufacturing industries based Asp.Net C#. Manufacturing ERP is a suite of useful modules to assist you manage your day to day business activities. It is insanely fast, rock solid, affordable, and scalable ERP software for business owners like you who make better-informed decisions. Manufacturing ERP is a web based ERP system contains all the required modules for running SME manufacturing/ distribution organization such Master Entries, Transactions, BOM, Production, Store, Marketing, Sales, Purchase, Payroll and Accounting.

A completely integrated ERP and manufacturing system to help you run your business better. Manufacturing Express Master Entries modules has options of capturing general details, marketing, sales, purchase, stores, production, accounts, payroll, common master entries, BOM and manage admin users etc. Marketing module is having provisions of BOM, transaction, dashboard and reports. Payroll module has employee management, leave, attendance, payslip, general reports etc. Accounts module has options of receipt, bill, payment, debit/credit notes, journal voucher, assets and reports such trial balance, bank register, cash book, bank guarantee statements, sales/ purchase register, cheque register and many more features of accounts related. Production module covers job card, job card protection, job inspection lists, material requisition, material return, demand note and machine breakdown history etc. Store module has options to inward, challan, GRR, Issue slip, service receipt note, stock adjustment, material return note, PPO Inward, PPO GRR and including various reports and dashboards.

Manufacturing Express has following exciting features:

  • Master Entries
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Stores
  • Production
  • Payroll
  • Accounting

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