Poultry Farm Management Script

Poultry Farm Management

Poultry Farm Management Script has been developed for giving various information of the Poultry Farm. This application is mainly for the maintenance and management of the poultry farm. It maintains the records systematically and enables us to give information in time. Poultry Farm Management has been computerized to run the farm easily. With this poultry management software you can completely manage your farm. You can easily and quickly get a necessary data such as hen-day, bird mortality, feed consumption, vaccination program and so on. Poultry Management Script to monitor commercial egg production performance. Poultry Farm Manager provides a comprehensive analysis egg production performance against breeding standard and among the other farms. With this Software, you will be able to focus to farm management to get the best egg production. Layer Farm Manager will help you to provide necessary data to analyze performance and productivity of your farm and your egg production.

Poultry Farm Management Script has following key features:

  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Dashboard
  • Online Calendar and Events
  • Manage Orders & Sales
  • Customers Details
  • Farms Settings (Feed type, Breed type, Batch no, Vaccination etc.)
  • Staff Management
  • Batch Flock Management
  • Egg production Management
  • Hatchery Management
  • Vaccination Program Management with Calendar
  • Staff Management (Salary, Bonus, Designation)
  • Income Management and Types (All other Income sources)
  • Expense Management and Category
  • Poultry Feeds and Breed Management
  • Office Document Management (Scanning and Storage)
  • Report and Graphs