Co-Operative Credit Banking System

Co-Operative Credit Banking System

Co-Operative+ is an end-to-end information system which enables the management of Saving and Credit Co-Operatives in a manner that provides seamless information flow of all the activities and transactions. Co-Operative Script come with a wide range of financial reports which aid accurate planning, forecast and decision making. Co-Operative Banking System is the complete Co-Operative accounting packages developed by Phpscriptsonline. We have focused on providing the reporting and customizing facilities in the single software. Co-Operative Script provides the ultimate technology to the Co-Operative world with the capabilities of performing all the modern banking activities. Co-Operative software provides the ultimate technology to the Co-Operative world with the capabilities of performing all the modern banking activities.

Credit Co-Operative Society software is a system use to manage membership of All Members. It provides way you to keep your Bank member data in a systematic way in digital form which can easily accessible due to centralized database. Co-Operative Credit Banking Script helps to manage loans, savings accounts, members etc. It has features of loan calculator, manage sales, purchase, quotes. It generates different kind of reports, data migration. The System Automatically Send SMS to user on Successful payment of fees. Or any successful transaction in accounts. Manager can also send SMS to all Members about any Notice or plans going to introduce in credit co-operative society software.

Co-Operative Credit Banking System following key features:

  • Dashboards
  • Loan Calculator
  • Membership Registration
  • Payment Information
  • Savings Accounts
  • Member Shares
  • Loan Management
  • Loan Approval, Disbursement, Repayment
  • Sales Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Journal Entry
  • Manage Suppliers
  • SMS/ Messaging
  • Manage Users
  • Global Settings
  • Data Migration

Co-Operative Credit Banking System has following Reports:

  • General Ledger Reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance, General Ledger)
  • Journals Transactions (Sales Invoice, Member Registration, Received Money, Loan Receivable, Journal Entries, General Journal, Purchase Invoice)
  • Members (Member List, Member Profile, Registration Fee Collection)
  • Savings Accounts (Saving Account List, Saving Account Statement, Saving Transaction, Saving Transaction Summary)
  • Contributions (Contributions Balance, Member Contribution Statement, Contribution Transactions, Contribution Transaction Summary)
  • Shares (Shares Balance, Member Shares Statement, Shares Transactions, Share Transactions Summary)
  • Loans (Loan Processing Fee Collection, Loan List, Loan Repayment Schedule, Loan Statement, Interest & Penalty, Loan Balance, Loan Transaction, Loan Transaction Summary)

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