Phoenix ERP

Phoenix – All-in-one Business ERP Solution

Phoenix is a powerful business automation tool for small, medium enterprises to manage their day-to-day operations from anywhere, anytime. Phoenix is a modern and responsive business management ERP solution which is developed in CakePHP with MySQL database. Phoenix is designed and developed for thinking shop, small business, companies and any types of business. We think that business software should cover all aspects of a business needs without being complex. Our aim is to provide software solutions that are easy to use and accessible to all. Phoenix is simple and flexible and user friendly Readymade ERP Script that takes care of all your HR and Payroll related requirements, employee management, project management, invoice management, loan management and accounting, vendor management, inventory management, distribution management, managing stock etc. You can buy Phoenix and host in your own server in minutes and start using it unlimited. We’re offering Phoenix including 100% source code, no license, no hidden charges in future and one-time payment. Phoenix generates perfect employee’s payslips with computes all allowances and deductions including EPF, ESI, PF etc. Phoenix has Inventory and Invoice management with features of GST.

Phoenix – All-in-one ERP script has following key features:

  • Dashboard
  • Settings (Manage Company, Company Doc, Payroll Deduction, Financial Year)
  • Project Management
  • Employee Details
  • Salary Allocation
  • Attendance Management
  • Generate Payroll (Run Payroll, Offline Payroll, Payroll List, Salary Payment, Generate Payslips, Payroll TDS)
  • User Privileges
  • Master Files (Manage Department, Project Types, Notes Mgmt, EMI Types, Terms & Conditions)
  • Accounting (Bank Details)
  • Invoice Management
  • GST Report
  • Payment Management
  • Staffs Loan Management
  • EMI/ Staff Loan Report
  • Outstanding Reports
  • Vendor Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Opening Stocks
  • Inventory Management
  • Reports

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