Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing ERP – All-in-one ERP Solution

In this modern age of unspecified organizations, where business process makes bigger far ahead of the limitations of the organization, it becomes very important for you to implement modern-age solutions to ensure complete business control and simplicity at the lowest possible operational costs. Manufacturing ERP software solutions help you to achieve your business goals beyond the competition at the minimal cost. Our application suits the most advanced revolutionary enterprise application development and delivery platform. Manufacturing ERP software mainly preferred choice for your business across the globe as it delivers higher intelligence reports which will be used for your organization development. Manufacturing ERP software delivers your business beyond the traditional ERP software by re-organizing operations across your entire business and provides you with the real time visible data you needed to take better and faster decisions.

Manufacturing ERP software address all the needs of enterprise functions through suit of products – Human Resource Management (HRMS), Procurement, Manufacturing, Store, Sales, Materials Management, Finance, Purchase, Sales Orders, Manage Documents, Notifications and Performance Report and so on. Manufacturing ERP is a Readymade ERP software provides you to get 360-degree view of your business at any point of time and put your business functions under single platform. Our application allows you to access information anywhere from the globe help of browser, whether from laptop, mobile phone, tablet or PC. Business people can manage and execute their task even they are on move. Any companies can buy our readymade ERP solution along with source code to running their business more effective at the lowest cost.

Manufacturing ERP – All-in-one ERP Solution has following key features:

  • Dashboard
  • Masters (Customer, Vendor, Broker, Employee, Product, Material/ Service, Tax Master)
  • HR (Work Shifts, Work Status, Salary Grade, Salary Report, Work Assignment, Set Attendance, Attendance Report, Apply for Leave)
  • Procurement (Purchase Register, Letter of Intent)
  • Manufacturing (Production Process, Product Conversion)
  • Store
  • Finished Goods (Sales Order Status, Stock Transfer, Finished Good Stock)
  • Raw Materials (Purchase Order Status, Returned Material Status, Raw Material Stock)
  • Sales (Sales Register, Reorders List, Update Today Sales, Update Today Stock, View Returned Material, Return Request)
  • Finance
  • Financial Entries (Journal Entries, Cash & Bank Receipts, Cash & Bank Payments, PDC Receipts, PDC Payment, Generate Debit Note)
  • Financial Reports (View Ledger, View Cash Book, View Bank Book, View Day Book, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Tax Payable, Debit Notes List, Credit Notes List)
  • Performance Report (Customers, Employees, Products, Production, Stock Report, Invoice Report)
  • Direct Orders (View Invoice List, Direct Invoice, Finished Goods, Raw Material)
  • Documents (View Documents List, Upload Document)
  • Notifications
  • Settings (Company Master, Vehicle, Departments, Roles, Teams, Payment Term, Rights, Banks, Assets, Bank Accounts, Cash Accounts, Incentive Calculation)

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