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Advanced Online Exam Management System

EMS is advanced Online Exam Management System which is developed in ASP.Net, C#.Net with MSSQL for helping to conduct Online Exams, Quiz, Online Assessments so on. EMS helps to conduct paperless exam for students, employees from educational institutions, corporate business and Govt etc. Online Examination Management will reduce the huge work done by teachers, administrators and students. Responses by the candidate will be checked automatically and instantly. Reduce paper work. Result will show immediately that reduce student anxiety. EMS can be used anywhere anytime as it is web based application. Useful for teachers for managing question paper and exam. Online exam can be conducting any time. EMS Admin has all privileges to check set paper, manage students, exams, questions, results, view toppers on the exam and many more features. New students can register and start taking exam after admin gives approval. We are offering this advanced online exam management system along with source code, so anyone can buy our readymade solution along with source cod and use it unlimited.

Advanced Online Exam Management System has following key features:

  • New Student SignUp, Login
  • Take Online Test
  • Admin panel
  • Dashboard
  • Set Paper
  • Manage Students
  • User/ Student Login Status (Approved, Pending, Not Approved, Suspended)
  • Expert to Excel
  • Manage Tests
  • Settings
  • Manage Questions
  • Result List

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