Pocket Drive

Cloud based Document Storage Application

Pocket Drive is a Cloud based Document Storage Application gives you universal access to your files through a web interface or mobile. It also provides a platform to easily upload, store, share, view & sync your files across all your devices. Store your files, folders and more on a server of your choosing. Access that folder from your mobile device, your desktop, or a web browser. Access your data wherever you are, when you need it privately and publicly.

Pdrive is a mobile responsive application to keep your folders, files and more synchronized amongst your devices. One folder, two folders and more get the most recent version of your files with the desktop and web client or mobile app of your choosing, at any time. Share your data with others, and give them access to your folders and files anything else you want them to see. Share it publicly, or privately. It is your data, do what you want with it.

Pocket Drive has following key features:

  • Admin users able create categories folders and descriptions about folders
  • Admin able to send messages to all users
  • All users able to create folders and upload any types of files, share files privately and publicly
  • All documents can be viewed on browser itself using Google Doc Viewers
  • Users can access his files and folders anytime from anywhere and any devices
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