About Us

About Coderobotics

Coderobotics Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a Chennai, India based software product development company founded in the year 2010, with a vision of simplifying business application development. We offer next-generation enterprise solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

Our Mission is "Simplify your work and Reshape your Enterprise."

We got innovation to develop a single integrated platform to manage all your business operations. To continuation we developed a comprehensive ERP called Longtail Apps (chaining of enterprise apps) for small companies that helps connect business processes for manufacturing, purchases, sales, inventory, finance, supply chain, human resource, CRM, marketing automation, project management and etc.

Our goal is just provide a plug & play solutions for any business requirements via a single platform/ ERP.


Mr.Sasikumar is the Founder and CEO of Coderobotics. He is passionate and has made it his personal mission to Simplifying Business Applications Development. He received his Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A) from Bharathidasan University in 2001, his Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Sc.) from Madurai Kamaraj University in 1998. He started his Ph.D. on ‘Own Real Elastic Cloud Computing Platform in 5GL Environment’.

He has over two decade experience of experience in developing very large scale Enterprise systems, Metadata based platform, Online IDE and Application development platforms and worked with fortune 500 & 1000 top software companies in India and United States. He has deep expertise in business application architecture, Browser based application development platforms, Visual model driven based apps development and development methodologies.

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