Difference Between Readymade Software and Readymade Source Code or White Label Software?

Many people are having the confusion between readymade software and white label software. Readymade software is developed by the company without any specific requirements. It was developed as a product with standard features. Readymade software will be given to the end users may or may not with full source code. End user will be able use the software as it is what the features it has. If they required any additional features, then they have to ask help from original developers, and they add features and then will give readymade code (non-editable code).

But white label software means the end user or buyer will get full open source code which can be modify by the buyers without helping from original sellers., which means buyer will be having full code and the product will be under their brand/ own. This is the main difference between readymade software and white label software. Aspscriptsonline.com is a marketplace for selling white label software. They develop applications in your brand. White label software provides low risk for the buyers. Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs are preferring to buy the white label software, after the purchase they will rebrand it in their own logo, design and resell it or provide as services to their customers. e.g. someone would like to start his own B2B Marketplace Ecommerce business. If he is a layman or individual, he cannot invest more money to hire team and start the software from the scratch. And, he is looking a readymade software with code in his brand for less cost. He would prefer to go white label software instead of developing custom solutions. There is huge advantage for buying readymade software source code than developing custom solutions. Buyer can check all the features of the software before purchase and it is a proven solution.

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