How to Adapt Your Software Development During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s been roughly a month now since the Coronavirus flipped our lives upside down. From having to practice social distancing and getting used to life without the outdoors to continually wash our hands and wearing masks and seeing loved ones and friends getting sick, the Coronavirus is something none of us expected. One thing that we have all seen is our businesses suffer, which is making it hard to survive. But over the past few weeks, we’ve been running our firm and generated good revenue through our readymade software to helping small businesses and startups.

Coderobotics is the hook for small businesses and startups help to upscale easily with a wider range of readymade and highly customizable software source code. We are trying to reduce the development time and cost for the early-stage IT companies. Coderobotics offers all kind of readymade software including source code (white label) from Website Clones to ERPs, so the early stage software firms can buy and use the code as it is for their customers or they can also able to customize the code as per the client requirements with help of their in-house team and provide services based to their clients.

I will take a few examples here. Suppose one of the early-stage IT company is planning to develop an ERP software for one of the manufacturing firm. First, the manufacturing company will not agree to give them a project until if they show some of the prior experience of developing ERP. However, they influenced them and got the project. Now they have to prepare and gather complete requirements from them, for that they needed some business analyst (BA) or domain experts, then they have developed a blueprint/prototype of the requirements, then hire the programmers and start developing it, testing and many more. So, they have to spend time and invest huge money without knowing how the final output would be. Everything is the risk for the early startups.

Coderobotics is providing all the opportunity for the small business and startups to showing our ready to use the software, like the live demo to test, walk through the source code, free installation and unlimited support after the purchase. They will have white-label software along with 100% source code. So, they don’t require to depend on us only in the future, still, they have full source code to add, modify the features unlimited including reselling rights. Now, you will conclude how coderobotics help for the early startups and small businesses. If you would like to share your experience with this topic and wanted to know more details about us, please reach us