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Difference Between Readymade Software and Readymade Source Code or White Label Software?

Many people are having the confusion between readymade software and white label software. Readymade software is developed by the company without any specific requirements. It was developed as a product with standard features. Readymade software will be given to the end users may or may not with full source code. End user will be able use the software as it is what the features it has. If they required any additional features, then they have to ask help from original developers, and they add features and then will give readymade code (non-editable code). But white label software means the end […]


How to Adapt Your Software Development During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

It’s been roughly a month now since the Coronavirus flipped our lives upside down. From having to practice social distancing and getting used to life without the outdoors to continually wash our hands and wearing masks and seeing loved ones and friends getting sick, the Coronavirus is something none of us expected. One thing that we have all seen is our businesses suffer, which is making it hard to survive. But over the past few weeks, we’ve been running our firm and generated good revenue through our readymade software to helping small businesses and startups. Coderobotics is the hook for […]

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How Coderobotics helps on the growth for the early-stage IT companies

Coderobotics is the hook for small businesses and startups help to upscale easily with a wider range of readymade and highly customizable software source code. We are trying to reduce the development time and cost for the early-stage IT companies. Coderobotics offers all kind of readymade software including source code (white label) from Website Clones to ERPs, so the early stage software firms can buy and use the code as it is for their customers or they can also able to customize the code as per the client requirements with help of their in-house team and provide services based to […]


World’s #1 Readymade Software Development Firm in India

Coderobotics is the hook for small businesses and startups helps to upscale easily with a wider range of ready to use and highly customizable software source code. We are trying to reduce your development time and cost, and you can customize the code for your market if needed and release your own software in a week. Coderobotics is a Chennai, India based readymade software product development company founded in the year 2008 with a vision of “Simplify the Application Development and Reshape the Enterprises “. We offer emerging trends readymade software for small and medium-sized businesses. Please check our readymade […]

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What Are The Advantages of Buying Readymade Software in 2020?

Startups and small businesses can face a genuine dilemma between choosing to implement a readymade software which is industry-specific & a customized software (a tailor-made application). There are many advantages that buying a readymade software can have over customized software, which are as follows. Development Time Readymade software generally does not require any development time since it is already pre-developed. Thus, it can be installed immediately after purchase. In contrast to this, a customized software requires a significant amount of development time since the application must develop from scratch. For example, a small business will have to have detailed meetings […]

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Difference between readymade software and readymade PHP scripts? is a professional software selling portal for offering brand free .Net applications. We have 400 plus industry-specific Asp.Net and Desktop based apps ready to buy. is a professional software development firm & a marketplace for readymade .Net applications with brand free source code including reselling rights. Start your own software business just in minutes. is a professional script development and marketplace firm for offering readymade PHP scripts including source code with reselling rights. We have 400 plus PHP Scripts, Clone Scripts, Website Clones ready to buy. We are offering all scripts with no encryption, license restriction, domain […]


Why should I go for readymade software?

Should I go for readymade software or custom software in 2020? In the emerging trend, every business has required software to automate their business easily and accurately. The company has only two options, either go for buy readymade software or to develop custom software from scratch which is suitable for their business. Readymade software and custom software both have merits and demerits. If the company is decided to go for custom software, then they should prepare for budget, hire people, develop, deliver and maintain the software. They must focus on the complete life cycle and can’t predict the final product […]