Security Guard Management

Security Guard Monitoring & Reporting App

SmartGuard is a Security Guard Service Management Script, it is a real-time guard monitoring and reporting software for professional security guard service companies. This is a PHP based readymade guard service management script helps manages security companies, manage guards, users, Assign guards to the companies or users, manage requests, messages and manage salary etc. Guard Service Management script is an end-to-end solution for security operations and management. Our SmartGuard can help managers and administrators respond to, report on, and analyze security guard activities. Manage your security officer operations with the robust set of tools available through this platform. Track your security team in real-time, capture time and attendance, monitor guard tours, track assets and materials, and instantly distribute post orders from your centralized dashboard. This platform can also help expedite communications between officers, supervisors and stakeholders. This Guard Service Management Script has roles & logins of admin, users and guards.

Security Guard Service Management Script has following key features:

  • Front Website Design
  • 100% mobile responsive design
  • Dashboard
  • Admin Panel
  • User & Guard login
  • Manage Companies
  • Guard Management
  • User Management
  • Manage Guard Attendance
  • Guard Assign to User
  • Manage Requests
  • Guard Salary
  • Messages
  • Categories & Products
  • Manage Guard Queries
  • Send/receive message between Admin/ Guards/ Users
  • Android App for Guards
  • Manage Guards Current Works
  • Guards Work History
  • Send Messages via Mobile App
  • Find Guard Location via Mobile App

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