final year projects

Best Final Year Project Ideas For IT Students 2022

The main objective of final year projects in the course curriculum is to encourage students to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical use. Working on final year projects allows students to gain practical knowledge and skills to solve real-world engineering and business problems. Students can choose their final year projects based on their interest and specialization areas to acquire complete knowledge and build skills in that domain. Coderobotics crafted 500+ readymade projects in PHP and .NET. You will be getting full source code of the project which you can use for your college projects, clients. Please check our marketplaces php […]

organic traffic strategy in 2022

Best SEO Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic in 2022

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the strongest pillars of your online marketing strategy. It involves 3 broad activities – On-page SEO building, Off-page SEO building activities Technical SEO On-page SEO involves – Your website content strategy, building internal links, creating pillar blog posts, and supporting blog posts basis your targeted keywords. Off-page SEO is all about building a reputation in your target segment. This means getting backlinks to your site from relevant authority/ partner sites online. SEO Basics Checklist Setup The Google Search Console Setup Google Analytics Install Yoast SEO (WordPress Users Only) Keyword Research Checklist Discover […]


10 Amazing Reasons To Buy Our Readymade Scripts

Coderobotics is the hook for enterprises helping any size of business through the highly customizable ready made software source code. We are selling our readymade PHP Scripts and readymade software source code including source code. Coderobotics is trying to reduce your development time and cost for small businesses and startups. We develop software in your brand. Our readymade software are tailor-made applications from scratch, maintain a well-defined and standard style of coding, and are friendly to edit the code the way you want. We provide readymade software for various industries including ERP, CRM, Google Apps Scripts, Mobile Apps, and SaaS […]

coderobotics is the hook for enterprises

Stop Reinventing the Wheel in Software Development

Coderobotics is one of India’s top readymade software product development companies founded in the year 2008 with a vision to stop reinventing the wheel in software development by offering through readymade software. We created more than 500+ readymade software in a decade. Coderobotics is the hook for enterprises helping any size of business through our highly customizable ready made software source code. We are selling our readymade software source code in the following marketplace. Phpscriptsonline Aspscriptsonline Coderobotics is trying to reduce your development time and cost for small businesses and startups. We develop software in your brand. Our readymade software […]

Benefits Of Matched Content AdSense

A Great Way To Promote Your Content

Benefits Of Matched Content AdSense Is your website eligible for Matched Content? then matched content promotes your contents, so visitors see more of your content, and stay longer on your site. We will get more page views, our study showed that page views increased by 9% on average, and time spent on site by 10%. You can also show ads, so you earn money while promoting your content. Matched content is a free recommendation tool offered by google which helps us to promote contents of our own website onto the pages by displaying as content which meets the interest of […]

SEO Agency in Plano, Dallas, TX

Data-driven Digital Marketer, and PPC Campaign Specialist in Plano, Dallas, Texas

Coderobotics is a data-driven digital marketer, top-rated SEO Services & Creative Design Agency in Plano, Dallas, TX to help to generate more leads or sales through our unique digital marketing strategies. Coderobotics is a digital creative, data driven approach Online Marketing Specialist, Google AdWords and SEO Expert help you to drive organic growth and maximize the search traffic potential for each piece of content. Educate and drive the right customers through your doors. Provide a strong technical foundation for your website, Insightful and conversion-friendly user experience, better search engine rankings, more traffic, leads, and sales. Stay abreast of notable search […]

Coderobotics Help Your Enterprises during Pandemic

How Coderobotics Help Your Enterprises during Pandemic

Coderobotics is a hook for enterprises that help small businesses and startups to upscale easily with a wider range of white-label software. From the very beginning, we always wanted to empower small businesses to grow. It’s in our DNA, and it became our mission with Coderobotics. For a long time, we focused on doing one thing extremely well: readymade software and readymade PHP scripts, website clones. Coderobotics is trying to reduce your development time and cost for the early-stage IT companies. Coderobotics offers all kinds of readymade software with 100% source code for any requirement, any industry. During the pandemic, […]

Google Algorithm Changes

Are you ready? Google plans to update the algorithm by this Month May, 2021

Are you ready? Google plans to update the algorithm by this Month May, 2021. I hope everyone has heard this news and is preparing for the changes. As a SEO expert I’d like to explain here very shortly what we should do. It is not rocket science, these are simple steps you could check and fix. Google plans to update the algorithm to include a factor they’re calling page experience.  This includes Google Search signals such as mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS and intrusive interstitial guidelines. It also includes the metrics in Google’s web vitals, which have to do with site load […]

free tool for keywords research

Want to find popular keywords for free?

Google Trends is a great tool from Google to find popular keywords based on people’s search on the Google Search Engine or Internet. I took the following 4 diet related keywords (keto, vegan, paleo & low calorie). As per Google Trends, you see what most people are searching in the United States past 90 days about diet. You can see in the below snapshots!! See the state-wise search result So, based on Google Trends, we can discover the trending keywords.

SEO Organic Traffic

10 Steps to Improve SEO for Website in 2021

I’m a digital creative, data driven approach SEO Manager and website manager, drive organic growth and maximize the search traffic potential for each piece of content. Educate and drive the right customers through your doors. Provide a strong technical foundation for your website, an intuitive and conversion-friendly user experience, better search engine rankings, more traffic, leads, and sales. This article is based on the work day that I have been doing on my clients’ websites, so I have decided to make a post of tips that can significantly boost the ranking of your website. 1. You contents are related to […]

Google AdSense

How to Fix “The number of ads you can show has been limited” – Google AdSense

I think this is a common issue for everyone! After I received my first payment from Google AdSense, the next day, I saw this message “The number of ads you can show has been limited. For details, go to the Policy center.” on my Google AdSense account. If you are encountered with this notification placed in your AdSense account, it is a warning call for you. If Google finds any invalid clicks or any other issues, they might take further enforcement action or your account might be permanently disabled. It’s your duty to keep your website compliance with the AdSense […]

manufacturing erp software source code

Best Readymade ERP Software Source Code

What is ERP? ERP integrates the functions and departments in a centralized system that smoothens the interactions among production, sales, purchase, finance, quality, and many different aspects of operations. ERP helps in automating the business flow by placing information into the rightful manner and makes it accessible in the standardized format. What is CRM? Any business needs CRM for better customer relationship management. CRM acts as an aggregator to streamline the business flow by providing a total control on prospects, leads and turning them into opportunity. Coderobotics developed significant readymade software for manufacturing, service organization companies to effectively manage their […]

restaurant software source code

Best Restaurant Management Software Source Code

Coderobotics offer enterprise solutions to restaurant business and help to create repeat business and customer loyalty by building a stronger relationship with your guests and customers. A competent restaurant management system should offer features for kitchen control, inventory management, menu management, billing, accounting & taxation operations, dashboards & alerts, reporting, customer offers & loyalty, feedback management, reservation management, and time & attendance. Service-seekers can go through each one, and decide upon the best software for their business needs. Coderobotics created a variety of restaurants related readymade software which is available with full source code. Coderobotics developed PHP and .Net based […]

hotel management software source code

Best Hotel Management Software Source Code

The hospitality industry is a very broad category that serves tourists and travelers all around the world. It includes a range of services – online hotel booking, hotel back-office ERP, restaurant management ERP, SPA management, tour package booking, taxi booking, and etc. We have created significant products to manage your hotel business. We have the following readymade software products which are related to the hotel business. We are selling all below software along with source code. A hotel software helps reduce time spent on administrative tasks conventionally and build long-term relationships with the guests. You can even make sure of […]

Hospital Management Software Source Code

Best Hospital Management Software Source Code

A hospital management software lets you achieve great quality scores in terms of administration services that include management of patient data, medication, and other such documents. Also, a hospital management system can help medical officers and staff avoid common errors that certainly cannot be afforded in healthcare by tracking every single data needed. The best part, you can incorporate a better revenue management with a customized hospital management software solution, so that you can maintain your profitability besides serving humanity. Coderobotics have created readymade software for hospitals, clinics, medical shops, online doctors appointment booking and etc, which includes various functionalities […]

Legal Practice Management Software Source Code

Best Legal Practice Management Software Source Code

Globally, law firms and lawyers are in a pressure to complete their everyday services with greater precision and efficiency. It is critical to adopt technology to automate several functions. An efficient legal software solution can come of great help. Coderobotics has developed a new epic legal practice management software called Online Case Manager (OCM), It is a law practice management software exclusively designed for law firms, lawyers, legal professionals & consultants. OCM helps in managing client’s documents, intake forms, scheduling emails, streamlining clients’ information & their legal matters, and also manage billing and payments. This online case management software also […]

HRMS & Payroll Software Source Code

Best HR and Payroll Software Source Code

Are you looking for readymade HR and Payroll software source code for your enterprises? Your search ends here, Coderobotics created a list of best HR and payroll solutions widely adopted in the market. The below-mentioned list of HR and Payroll management software managing human resources and characteristically performs payroll services by keeping essential track of employee attendance, salary calculations, and deductions, generating salary and tax slips, depositing wages into employee bank accounts, taxation, and much more. Managing human resources & payroll is the most challenging task for an organization. The ideal way to function best is to automate all the […]

Banking Software Source Code

Ready Made Online Banking Software Source Code

Are you looking Digital Banking Solution? Now all the banks are adopted into modern banking systems, which promises flexibility and usability for business accounting and personal finance alike. If you are looking for such readymade online banking solutions, Coderobotics offers a list of Online Banking Software that has been used by banks and businesses of all scales around the globe. Online banking, accounting, reporting, payment & transfer, and transaction tracking among many others are some of the core features a banking software must-have. We specialize in building digital banking software including commercial banking and front office systems, digital invoicing, bookkeeping, […]

MLM Software Source Code

Ready Made MLM Software Source Code

MLM software is the heart of the Multi Level Marketing Business. If MLM business wants to be healthier, then the software wants to be in good condition. So, while buying for readymade MLM software, pick a best of it which will fully fit for your all business requirement. In today’s scenario where the technologies are changing day by day. Our readymade PHP based MLM Software helps to grow any multi-level marketing business firms. Small Businesses, Enterprises, Individual professionals and freelancers who want to start and give services to MLM based Business companies, they can just buy our readymade MLM Software […]

readymade software source code

Best Readymade ERP software for Small Businesses

Longtail ERP is a Business Management Software usually a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including: Projects, People, Payroll, Billing, Invoice, Accounting, CRM, PMO, Estimation, Support Tickets and more. Longtail ERP delivers the proven, comprehensive enterprise management solution capabilities required to grow a changing, complex business. Longtail ERP takes your business beyond traditional accounting software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions. Our custom open source ERP solution offers business software solutions for […]

supermarket software

Best Point Of Sale Software for Supermarket Business

Smart Market is a multi purpose PHP based readymade script that will help you to manage your supermarket business paperless office. Smartmarket is a readymade ERP software suitable for both wholesale and retail business models and an ideal product for any Supermarkets. This is a user friendly software that is fully responsive and has many features. Smartmarket software will be helpful to manage your supermarket business stock, warehouse, inventory, accounting, point of sale, invoice, quotation, purchase, sales and human resource. The Smartmarket point of sale system is specifically designed for Supermarkets, Grocery Stores and trading businesses. This supermarket Point of […]

coderobotics-hook for enterprises

Coderobotics Helping Enterprises Through Readymade Software

Coderobotics is a readymade software development and marketplace platform helping enterprises to upscale easily with a wider range of ready to use and customizable source code. Coderobotics provides white label software, readymade PHP Scripts, popular website clones and mobile apps. We are trying to reduce the development time and cost for the early-stage IT companies. Coderobotics provide white label ready made software source code, so the small business and enterprises can buy and use the code as it is for their customers or they are able to customize the code as per the client requirements. I will take a few […]


Free Sample Google Data Studio SEO Reporting Template

In this article, I am going to explain about my sample SEO template which I have created on Google Data Studio. I am not going to explain how to design your custom SEO reports on Google Data Studio on this post, since I have already explained on this how to build your own Google Data Studio Template for SEO report. You can ask me this question, since we can generate all kinds of reports from Google Analytics then we need to lead Google Data Studio and what it offers specifically. Yes, Google Data Studio SEO Reporting Template visualizes your website […]

Install Sit Kit Plugin

How to set up a Google Webmaster account for your WordPress website in a few minutes?

Google is offering a free WP plugin called Site Kit which helps us to set up the Google Search Console and Google Analytics account for your website with simple steps, just required a Gmail account. Site Kit can connect your WordPress site to your AdSense account and place the AdSense code on all your pages for you. It will do so for non-AMP and AMP versions of your site. The following are step-by-step: Login into your WordPress admin account Add plugin -> Search Plugin “Site Kit” Install and activate plugin Go to Search Console and Google Analytics sections get connect […]


How to Make a Custom WordPress Theme in a few Minutes

In this step-by-step WordPress tutorial, we show you how to use the GeneratePress theme & Elementor plugin to create a beautiful custom WordPress theme using custom designed in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Why do we need a custom WordPress theme? There have been many times in which I have gotten disappointed with promising premium themes that proved to be incredibly slow. This was money that had been wasted because there was no chance I would stay with any multipurpose theme that promised the world, but ended up with pages that took 4-5 seconds to load. A disaster in terms […]

Coderobotics Technical SEO

Technical SEO: Why It’s Becoming More Important Than Any Other SEO Tactic

Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase. With technical SEO, you can help search engines access, crawl, interpret and index your website without any problems.The main goal of technical SEO is to optimize the infrastructure of a website. Coderobotics is a master in technical SEO to fix or optimize your website for site indexing, page crawling for search engines according to your website without any problems. Drive organic growth and maximize the search traffic potential for each piece of content Providing a strong technical foundation for your website An intuitive and […]

white label website development

White Label Web Design, Development, and SEO Services for Digital Agencies

We provide white label web design, development, and SEO services for digital agencies, small businesses, and enterprises. Coderobotics offers white Label WordPress based website design services for digital agencies, small business owners. We develop WordPress based websites, e-commerce, and blogs. If you want your business to grow online, right? Sure, you want to generate a huge profit through your website. But just having a website is not going to help you to do so. You need to have a well-designed and profit generating website. Your website is marketing for your business 24 hours, nonstop; without taking a break, so it […]

Download Free PHP

Download Free Scripts is a professional script development and marketplace company offering readymade PHP scripts, website clone scripts for small businesses. We have 400 plus readymade PHP scripts ready to is offering free PHP scripts along with full source codes. You can download the code code and use it on your personal, commercial, or client projects. Please download free PHP scripts in below link is selling Educational Script, Enterprise Script, CRM Script, HRMS Script, Payroll Script, Hospital Script, POS Script, MLM Script, Matrimonial Script, Hotel Booking Script, Ecommerce Script, Freelance Marketplace Script, Taxi & Car Booking Script, Video Sharing Script, […]

B2B Marketplace Platform

B2B Marketplace and E-Commerce Portal in 2020?

Start your own B2B Trading Online Portal like Alibaba, IndiaMART, Trade India in a click with our Online B2B Marketplace Script which is developed in PHP and MySQL database. It is a complete readymade Business to Business Script which can be used to start your own portal online today. Alibaba Clone Script is a very easy, user-friendly, Search engine friendly and easily manageable for Site Administrator from one back-end administrator panel and can store tones of data. B2B Marketplace Script is a wonderful solution to launch your own global trading site. This script is packed with HIGH-END features to provide […]

Telemedicine Script

What is Telemedicine?

With today’s fast and modern world, every customer is accustomed to the services of On-Demand services. So it is evident for healthcare to make its stand in the On-Demand market. Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at a distance using telecommunications technology. Telemedicine as an alternative to in-person visits has a host of benefits for patients and doctors. Telemedicine Script can allow doctors and physicians to conduct live video chats with patients, answer their questions and concerns, and diagnose their ailments. Get your On-Demand telemedicine like the script for Doctors. Earn while treating patients in […]

All In Once digital marketing platform

All-In-One Digital Marketing Solution for Small Businesses & Startups

Coderobotics is a digital creative, result-driven digital marketing agency for small businesses and startups. We provide all-in-one solutions for your business and digital marketing problems. We will generate new leads at the lowest cost possible through multiple marketing channels. We also provide an automated system such as lead forms (any platform), lead management, online marketing budget management, website traffic insights tool, and much more solutions to ensure no leads get lost as your company grows. We build your brand, increase engagement & gather more insights through our real-time digital marketing & customer experience. We help to drive Organic Growth and […]

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