Why ERP and CRM?

ERP integrates the functions and departments in a centralized system that smoothens the interactions among production, sales, purchase, finance, quality, and many different aspects of operations. ERP helps in automating the business flow by placing information into the rightful manner and makes it accessible in the standardized format.

Any business needs CRM for better customer relationship management. CRM acts as an aggregator to streamline the business flow by providing a total control on prospects, leads and turning them into opportunity.

Implementing a new ERP or CRM is obviously an easy job because ventures just need to pick a system that has a handful of features and can be scalable.

Readymade ERPs and CRMs

It is not an easy task to develop a new ERP and CRM software. We have pioneered and created the cost-friendly ERP and CRM applications in different platforms in .NET and PHP which generally have plug and play behavior which saves your time and keeps you on top of the productivity. We are offering all ERPs and CRMs including with 100% source code.

Our proven readymade softwares are a highly customizable source code. We are trying to reduce your development time and cost, and you can customize the code for your market if needed, and release your own software in a week. We have listed few readymade ERP and CRM softwares below.

Digital ERP

Digital ERP is ASP.Net based All-in-one ERP that contains all the required modules such as master, transaction, purchase, sales, budget, accounts, and reports for running any small businesses.

Infra ERP

Infra ERP is a powerful, scalable and easily customizable PHP based ERP Software. Infra ERP is optimizing your time, reduce costs, and manage your entire business and this solution converts your business into a paperless office.

Rekruit CRM

Recruit CRM is a trending CRM for any business especially for a recruitment business to manage their day to activities such as managing sales (leads, proposals, and sales), recruitment (manage candidates, interviews process), project management (manage projects, staff, timesheet) and reports management. Recruit CRM is a unique CRM with rich features than other CRM in the market. Recruit CRM has developed in CakePHP with the MySQL database.