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Coderobotics participates in a variety of industry conferences in addition to our own events.

We are interested to meet like-minded people around the globe. We attend most of the international tech talks, conferences and seminars. We also organize a set of events for the local dev, design and marketing communities to share our thought process with them. We are quite social about learning and sharing our ideas with the community.

Event Log


WebHook is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework that helps citizen developers who can create new business applications themselves without having to write the whole thing from scratch.


Coderobotics brings All-in-one Hospital Solution called HospitalPro. HospitalPro is a Hook for Hospital Businesses It is an end to end cutting edge solution and modern innovative solutions designed to automate all hospital operations such as Appointment, Patient registration, OPD/IPD management, Doctor Management, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Billing, OT, Tele-medicine, etc. HospitalPro help you get better results for your healthcare organization

Smart CRM

Coderobotics Smart CRM is an emerging trend and modern CRM solution for small to medium-size businesses for enhancing their sales management. With the help of Smart CRM, it’s easy to track the new leads, follow-up, client’s quotation, invoices, sales, and payments.