Coderobotics automates your operational processes using Google productivity tools such as Google Sheets, Gmail, Calendar, Forms, Docs, etc. Google Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G Suite.

Coderobotics automate the administrative & repeatable parts of your jobs. You can manage the applications with no coding experience necessary. Google Apps Script is the best platform for Citizen Developers. We can develop your applications 90% faster and you save cost over 90% in each project. We have the readymade Google Apps Scripts for following solutions:

  1. Automobile service booking
  2. HRMS
  3. Recruitment company management (candidate management)
  4. Service center
  5. Gate pass
  6. Production labour billing
  7. Project management
  8. Grocery supply company
  9. Click to Call (automate call)
  10. Dr. Appointment Booking
  11. Appointment booking
  12. Slots allotment
  13. Pre service remarks
  14. Spare parts estimate (before service)
  15. Final billing for spares and service (after service)
  16. Invoice sent by email/WhatsApp/SMS
  17. Payment can be updated
  18. Outstanding statement can be generated
  19. Sales report can be generated
  20. Attendance Punching
  21. Inventory Management
  22. GPS Survey
  23. Spare Parts Management
  24. Complaint Logging
  25. Project Monitoring
  26. Appraisal Management
  27. Automation of Recruitment
  28. Service Center Management

If you would like to automate your repeated jobs, please reach us anytime with a small brief and We’ll get back to you.