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Coderobotics launches TrackerBox – Web based gps vehicle tracking system. It is a Professional GPS tracker software both web and mobile. Use free GOOGLE & other maps. Available in Multiple language. It is a real-time GPS tracking system support most of GPS devices. We offers following solutions.


1. Personal Tracking, Kids Tracking
2. Smartphone tracking ( Android, IOS, Windows)
3. Excavator and Big machinery control and maintenance system
4. Boat Tracking (with in GPRS area)
5. Pet Tracking
6. Assets Tracking
7. Vehicle Tracking
8. Fleet Management
9. Fuel Tanks Monitoring
10. Container Monitoring (with 3 months backup battery)
11. Employees and Drivers monitoring

Other information

1. Software is compatible with many kinds of gps vehicle and personal trackers.
2. It can support free google & other maps.
3. Real time tracking.
4. History replay.
5. Cut off engine and control remotely.
6. Accept customized web tracking software.
7. Logo and domain customization accepted.
8. Internet tracking platform
9. Installation: online installation on my VPS.
10. Independent user account management (no limit users)
11. A large size data capacity. A single server can support over 10,000 devices
12. Definition of POI
13. Get the SOS, over speed, out of geo fence, parking alarm, and low power alarm etc.

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