PHP Scripts for small businesses

Why Small Businesses should use PHP?

Do you know Why Many Small Businesses prefer to use PHP than Other Server-Side Programming Languages? I am explaining here with few examples. PHP is an open source and available free under GPL.  Now many open source  PHP frameworks are available to develop secured applications in enterprise level more faster than ever. Small Businesses, Startups and Entrepreneurs are not required to spend huge money to setup the environments, server. Other things you will get huge open source programmers, support, and communities. Now-a-days, most of the websites, e-commerce, popular website clones, PHP Scripts and PHP applications are developed and developing open […]

readymade php scripts

Why should I go for readymade PHP Scripts?

Should I go for readymade PHP Script or custom PHP Applications in 2020? In the emerging trend, every business has required software to automate their business easily and accurately. The company has only two options, either go for buy readymade PHP Applications or to develop custom software from scratch which is suitable for their business. Readymade PHP Scripts and custom PHP Applications both have merits and demerits. If the company is decided to go for custom software, then they should prepare for budget, hire people, develop, deliver and maintain the software. They must focus on the complete life cycle and […]


Who is offering readymade PHP Applications with source code? is a hook for small businesses and helps startups to upscale easily with our proven readymade PHP Scripts and highly customizable source code. We are trying to reduce your development time and cost, and you can customize the code for your market if needed, and release your own software in a week.