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Automan is a business ERP software solutions for every company looking for more value and more features from their ERP solutions. It supports most industries with a complete ERP software solution, showcasing a full suite of applications within following modules: Sales, Purchases, Items & Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting and etc.

With its modular design, customers have the flexibility to select the software capabilities that best meet their current needs, with the ability to add to, update and expand their ERP software to accommodate future business demands at any edge.

Automan covers following core modules:

Sales And Accounts Receivables
Purchases And Accounts Payable
Manage Items & Inventory
General Ledger
Reports & Analysis
Manage Settings

Automan ERP is well fitted for small businesses. It is our greatest wish that over time Automan ERP becomes more than software to you. We really hope that it serves as a foundation for your business. We dream of the day when you come to work actually looking forward to using Automan ERP simply because it empowers you throughout your day. Please join the winning team and Manufacture with Automan.

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