Best Readymade ERP Software Source Code

What is ERP?

ERP integrates the functions and departments in a centralized system that smoothens the interactions among production, sales, purchase, finance, quality, and many different aspects of operations. ERP helps in automating the business flow by placing information into the rightful manner and makes it accessible in the standardized format.

What is CRM?

Any business needs CRM for better customer relationship management. CRM acts as an aggregator to streamline the business flow by providing a total control on prospects, leads and turning them into opportunity. Coderobotics developed significant readymade software for manufacturing, service organization companies to effectively manage their business operations and enable organizations to make data-driven management decisions. Manufacturing companies are enterprise level clients from medium to large scale business firms that generally have off-the-shelf requirements. Coderobotics has served many enterprise-level clients across various sectors – manufacturing, automobile, telecom, healthcare, and etc.

Coderobotics created ERPs for all the industries from the different requirements. Coderobotics is offering all-in-one-solution for most small and medium businesses. For the last 10 years we have developed 100 plus readymade ERP solutions for different industries. It is not an easy task to develop a new ERP and CRM software. We have pioneered and created the cost-friendly ERP and CRM applications in different platforms in .NET and PHP which generally have plug and play behavior which saves your time and keeps you on top of the productivity. We are offering all ERPs and CRMs including with 100% source code.

Our proven readymade softwares is a highly customizable source code. We are trying to reduce your development time and cost, and you can customize the code for your market if needed, and release your own software in a week. We have listed a few readymade ERP and CRM softwares below.

Coderobotics created the following readymade Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software source code:

  • Digital ERP
  • Infra ERP
  • Automan ERP
  • Productized ERP
  • Retail ERP
  • School ERP
  • College ERP
  • Hospital ERP
  • Hotel ERP
  • Restaurant ERP
  • Manufacturing ERP
  • Medical Shop ERP
  • Jewellery ERP
  • Logistics ERP
  • CRM
  • Supermarket ERP